Model and assay development

As leading experts in patient-derived organoid development we can support your drug testing needs for a variety of disease areas where clinically relevant models are yet to be developed. We seek to collaborate with industry partners to continue expanding our living biobank of HUB Organoids and to foster organoids adoption across an increasing number of diseases and patient populations, for applications ranging from preclinical drug development to early-stage clinical patient stratification.

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Preclinical drug development services

HUB Organoids are one-of-a-kind models that can be developed from any epithelial disease and any patient, and with proven predictive power of patient response to treatment. Our drug screening platform can support decision-making at every step of the preclinical drug development process enabling you to confidently select your most promising clinical candidate.

Use HUB Organoids to:

  • Validate your target hypothesis
  • Select and optimize your lead agent from your compound library
  • Identify responders and non-responders
  • Test for off-target toxicities

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