Drug development has never been this close to making a clinical impact

Poor translatability of traditional in vitro models has a major impact on drug attrition leading to only 8% of new drugs that show preclinical efficacy progressing after Phase I trials. It’s time to rethink convention.

HUB Organoids closely recapitulate patient pathobiology, providing superior preclinical models for your compound testing and closing the gap to clinical trials. HUB Organoids can support decision-making at every step of your drug development pipeline and help you bring life-changing treatments to patients.

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Drug screening services

Leverage the predictive power of HUB Organoids to select the most promising clinical candidates with confidence

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Custom model and assay development

Innovate novel disease models and assays and bring your research to the next level

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Clinical trials in a dish

Accurately stratify and customize patient treatment with our co-clinical testing platform

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HUB Organoids extends partnership with Molecular Devices to advance automated intestinal organoid screening technology


Drug discovery to clinical trials in five years!

Read our proof-of-concept study that demonstrates how HUB Organoids can streamline the entire preclinical drug development process, resulting in significant savings in time, cost, and resources.

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Recent advancements in patient-derived organoid technology and their impact on drug development

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Patient-derived organoids predict clinical response: a patient in the lab

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HUB Organoids® and Yamaha Motor announce their collaboration combining their proprietary technologies


Application of HUB Organoids in immuno-oncology drug development

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