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HUB Organoid Technology represents a breakthrough in the field of stem cells research and it is based on extensive knowledge of the underlying biology of adult stem cells. HUB Organoid Technology allows to establish laboratory models directly from patient epithelial tissue without the need for prior manipulation or transformation. This results in patient-relevant in vitro models that recapitulate the 3D architecture, morphology, physiology, molecular pathology, and response to treatment of the original tissue in vivo, therefore effectively representing a “patient in the lab®”.

This unique technology is covered by an extensive and broad IP. As the inventor of HUB Organoid Technology, our extended IP portfolio covers all aspects of Organoid Technology and is based on 4 pillars:

  • Product: ASC-derived epithelial organoids (human/animals)
  • Culture Media: organ-specific composition
  • Use: application field (e.g., drug discovery/development, diagnostics, regenerative medicine)
  • Method/Process: establishment, expansion, differentiation, etc.
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Disseminating HUB Organoid Technology is a key part of our business strategy and to this end we offer non-exclusive licenses to our partners in the field of preclinical research and development. A HUB license is required in all instances where our industry partners wish to use HUB’s proprietary Organoid Technology in-house.

Benefits of licensing HUB Organoid Technology

  • HUB latest protocols and know-how
  • Access the HUB Organoid® biobank
  • Technology transfer training and support from our experts
  • Visits and hands-on training at HUB

HUB offers different license packages, depending on the intended use of HUB Organoid Technology. These include:

  • Internal drug development license: incorporate HUB Organoid Technology in your preclinical research and development.
  • Biobanking license: become a distributor of HUB Organoids.
  • Validation license: validate your technology using HUB Organoids.
  • Other: for any other application, please get in touch with us.


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