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Embrace a holistic approach to patient biology with organoid co-cultures

The development of successful therapies necessitates the assessment of a drug´s effect on multiple cell or tissue types. Some immunomodulatory drugs, for example, require the interaction between immune cells and epithelia to produce the desired effect. Modelling these complex interactions is often achieved at the expense of scalability, thus posing a challenge for drug development. At HUB, we set up unique organoid co-cultures to allow the development of immunomodulatory agents targeting T cells, macrophages, or fibroblasts, within the tumor microenvironment or to model the host-microbiome interactions by bringing together organoid and pathogens like bacteria or viruses. With our technology, researchers can study immune responses or inflammation, without the added complexity from in vivo modelling or microfluidic devices.

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Innovate with us to develop novel disease models

At the forefront of innovation, we aim to address the need for more patient-relevant models in preclinical development. With a decade of experience, we have refined the conditions to allow the development of stable cultures for multiple tissue and organ types, offering a comprehensive resource for drug screening services. Notably, our recent accomplishment includes the development of a bladder cancer biobank comprising more than 50 patient-derived organoid models of varying tumor stages, ages, and gender. This extensive biobank facilitates large-scale screening of novel compounds, effectively addressing the industry’s translational gap. Harnessing our proprietary technology and expertise, you can tap the potential to develop novel organoid models in therapeutic areas of high unmet needs.

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Unravel patient biology with relevant assays and read-outs

Organoids are amenable to most standard in vitro assays performed on cell lines. Additionally, thanks to our unique expertise, we can design and develop customized organoid-based assays that align with your research objectives. Whether it is developing new biomarkers, designing functional assays, or implementing advanced imaging techniques, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. For instance, we have developed patient-derived organoid 2D monolayers to assess the integrity of intestinal barrier function and analyze the tight-junctions dynamics. With our capacity to innovate, we empower our clients to gain a deeper understanding of patient biology to unlock new insights into their research questions.

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