PDO Screen – A fast, clinically relevant, and cost-effective platform for drug screening

PDO Screen is built upon the recent success of our organoid screening platform which led to the first oncology agent to be approved for clinical trials within 5 years of development. We have specially designed this screening platform to meet the growing demands for a cost-effective and clinically-relevant preclinical solution for drug screening and development.

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Design a custom-made drug screen for the disease indication of your interest

With our years of experience in organoid technology for other areas of preclinical drug development, we provide a broad range of services for a wide variety of disease indications and tissue types to:

  • Assess drug efficacy
  • Probe mechanisms of action
  • Test combination strategies
  • Discover your target patient population
  • Identify biomarkers of response or non-response
  • Test drug safety and toxicity on healthy organoids


Fast-track your clinical candidate selection

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