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Our streamlined drug screening workflow begins with the selection of your PDO model of interest within your target therapeutic area. Depending on your desired biological endpoint (i.e. cell viability, immune cell activation, epithelial barrier function, etc) we will design a scope of work and carry out the experiment. At study completion, we will provide a tailored report.


Confidently advance your lead agent to clinical trials

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PDO Screen

Patient-derived organoid screening platform


PDO Screen is built upon the recent success of our organoid screening platform which led to the first oncology agent to be approved for clinical trials within 5 years of development. Select from a pre-set panel of patient-derived organoid models among the available tissue types for a fast, cost-efficient, and patient-relevant evaluation of your agent efficacy.

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Custom model and assay development

Can’t find what you are looking for? Leverage our state-of-the-art technology to develop new models that meet your specific needs.

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First clinical candidate developed using HUB Organoids makes it to the clinical trials within five years

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Accelerating oncology drug discovery using HUB Organoids

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Patient-derived organoids predict clinical response: a patient in the lab

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