HUB Organoid Technology

Our IP-protected technology is based on the ground-breaking discovery of Lgr5+ stem cells in the adult intestine, which subsequently led to the development of the first “mini organ in a dish“. Our technology does not require reprogramming or transformation of stem cells, therefore enabling the development of diseased as well as healthy organoids which preserve the genetic and epigenetic makeup of the original tissue, including clinically-relevant mutations of each patient. Our protocols have been developed, optimized, and standardized for a range of organs and disease types to allow the development of living biobanks of patient-derived organoids that are stable in long-term culture, can be expanded and cryopreserved for multiple applications.

Award-winning recognition in drug discovery

HUB Organoids receives 2024 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award

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Key HUB Organoids features

  • Derived from
    adult stem cells
  • Physiologically
  • Genetically and
    phenotypically stable
  • High predictive value
    of patient response
  • Expandable for large-scale screens
  • Suitable for genetic manipulation
  • High establishment efficiency

HUB Organoid biobank

Thousands of patient-derived organoids across multiple tissue types and disease indications

Over the years, we have maintained a vast collection of established patient-derived organoids from different species, organs, and human pathologies. To uphold the utmost quality, our organoid models are subjected to rigorous quality control protocols, ensuring their thorough characterization through DNA- and RNA-seq analysis. Our organoid models can be employed in our screening setup, services spanning from lead identification and optimization to co-clinical trials, enhancing the prospects of success during your clinical application.

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Unlocking possibilities with
HUB Organoid Technology

Welcome to a realm of scientific innovation and advancement that is redefining the landscape of medical research. Our proprietary HUB Organoid Technology stands at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions, empowering you to revolutionize drug discovery and patient-focused treatments.

Drug development

Reduce drug attrition and predict patient response with our preclinical services and clinical trials in a dish


Custom solutions

Decipher the complexity of the human disease with our custom model and assay development

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