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HUB Organoids predict patient response to treatment.

Our technology allows the development of patient-derived “mini-organs in a dish” from both healthy and diseased tissues to close the gap between the lab and the clinic.

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Model and assay development

Decipher the complexity of human disease working with the pioneers of adult stem cell-derived organoid technology

Drug development services

Reduce drug attrition with patient-derived organoid drug screening and predict patient response with clinical trials in a dish®


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1000s of established models – from both normal and diseased tissue

License HUB Organoid Technology

License HUB Organoid Technology

Bring HUB Organoid Technology and knowhow in-house

We are trusted by global leaders

to bring the next-generation therapeutics to patients.


Bring HUB Organoid Technology and knowhow in-house

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First clinical candidate developed using HUB Organoids makes it to clinical trials within five years

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Applications to immuno-oncology drug development

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Challenges in preclinical modeling of cancer immunity

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