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Leveraging our profound expertise in the fields of stem cell biology and gut epithelium, we have developed the PDO Monolayer, a readily available platform that streamlines the expansion and maturation of stem cells originating from intestinal crypts in patient biopsies, ultimately resulting in a fully developed human epithelium. Through meticulous refinement of our culture conditions, the PDO monolayer faithfully replicates the natural architecture of in vivo gut epithelium, comprising a diverse array of intestinal cell types. What truly sets our platform apart is its remarkable ability to be generated from a diverse biobank of IBD patients, making it the sole in vitro model capable of faithfully capturing patient diversity and varying responses to treatments.

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Patient-derived in vitro model representative of patient heterogeneity

Recapitulates physiological composition of in vivo gut epithelium with multiple intestinal cell types

Derived from a well-characterized IBD biobank with RNA-seq and risk loci profiling data

Faster than in vivo models, raw data available within 2 weeks

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