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Development of the first ever
human intestinal organoid

Establishment of PDO monolayer

Characterization of the IBD
organoid biobank for
commercial screening

IntegriGut Screen extends
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PDO Monolayer

Addressing unmet medical needs with innovative solutions

Recognizing the significant challenge in translating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) research into effective patient care, we have developed PDO Monolayer, a patient-derived in vitro platform that closely recapitulates human intestinal biology. Through meticulous optimization of culture conditions, we have established gut organoid monolayers that faithfully mirror the physiological composition of the gut epithelium in vivo. These monolayers feature all differentiated cell lineages and facilitate access to both the apical and basolateral sides of the epithelium.
IntegriGut Screen

Application of PDO Monolayer for IBD drug development

Acknowledging the industry’s demand for rapid and physiologically relevant data, we have developed IntegriGut Screen, a service specifically designed for high-quality human data on epithelial barrier function, cytotoxicity, and cytokine release for IBD drug discovery and development.

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Patient-derived in vitro model representative of human biology

Recapitulates in vivo gut physiology with all differentiated cell types

Derived from a well-characterized IBD biobank

Faster than in vivo models

IntegriGut Screen – Efficacy

Assess the protective effect of your compound against cytokine-induced epithelial damage.


  • Test up to 10 compounds in 1-2 PDOs
  • 3 doses per compound and 2 inflammatory challenge concentrations included
  • Standard of care (tofacitinib), vehicle, and staurosporine included
  • Data delivery within 3 weeks from compound receival
  • Supernatant collection and storage for downstream analysis
  • Measurements include
    • ✓ TEER​
    • ✓ Permeability
    • ✓ Viability

Experimental timeline

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IntegriGut Screen – Biobank

Elevate your clinical candidate selection using a larger patient cohort


Advance your IBD drug discovery with patient-centered insights. Our expertly curated IBD biobank comprises PDO-monolayers from both Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease (CD) patients, spanning various intestinal regions. Our diverse collection amplifies the robustness of your clinical candidate selection by evaluating compounds on a broader IBD population.

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PDO Co-cultures

Take the next step to physiological relevance with organoid co-cultures

Effective therapies for IBD require a comprehensive understanding of their impact on multiple cell types, including the epithelium, immune cells, and fibroblasts. Modeling these intricate interactions often compromises scalability, posing a challenge for preclinical drug development. Our unique organoid co-cultures provide a robust platform for evaluating drug candidates’ effects on these interconnected cell systems. We also offer co-cultures with gut microbiome, enabling the identification of preventive therapies for inflammatory bowel disease.

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Discover the science behind our platform


Organoid monolayers: a patient-relevant platform to study intestinal barrier function, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and GI toxicity

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Organoid-Derived Epithelial Monolayer: A Clinically Relevant In Vitro Model for Intestinal Barrier Function

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Explore IntegriGut Screen and its application in IBD preclinical drug development

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