Proven Impact

Our meticulously designed KRASmut panel was instrumental in developing the first-ever clinical candidate using organoid technology, targeting head & neck cancer

Panel features

  • A comprehensive collection of 25 KRASmut PDOs, sourced from both treatment-na├»ve and pre-treated patients
  • Rigorously characterized, with readily available DNA and RNA sequencing data
  • Diverse models encompassing both primary and metastatic tumors
  • Representing pivotal KRAS mutants such as G12A, G12D, G12V, G13D and many others
  • Access to invaluable clinical data, including histology data, tumor classification, and patient treatment data

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Advanced screening capabilities

  • ATP-based cell-viability assay, with GR50 readouts
  • 3D assay format, compatible with both 96- and 384-well plate layouts.
  • Test up to 10 compounds in triplicate
  • 10-point dose-response curves per drug

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