To foster HUB Organoid™ adoption, we offer various licensing opportunities to our proprietary HUB Organoid Technology which cover different research fields and various purposes of use. Our licenses include a technology transfer package, dedicated on-site training, and access to our biobank to help you implement our knowhow in-house.

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R&D collaborations

By collaborating with us you can leverage our state-of-the-art technology platform and extensive experience in patient-derived organoid model development. Our ongoing R&D collaborations have enabled our partners to develop new organoid models and generate proprietary organoid biobanks for a range of different disease areas, set up novel assays, and perform mechanism of action studies on their compounds.

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Our service offering covers multiple disease areas such as CF, cancer, genetic disorders, IBD, COPD, and infectious diseases. Our assays range from measuring organoid viability in response to drug treatments, to complex imaging or -omics to study drug response. In addition, we have validated different formats including the native ‘3D’ cystic or budding shapes as well as a ‘2D’ monolayer format to study barrier function, transport, and interaction with the microbiome.

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Our partners

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