[Utrecht, July 18 2023] — HUB Organoids (HUB), the global leader in the field of patient-derived organoids, is excited to announce a significant milestone in its evolution. After years of successful operations as a foundation, HUB has transitioned to a private company structure. This corporate structure reflects HUB’s commitment to innovation, customer-focus, growth, and strategic decision-making in a rapidly changing business landscape.

The decision to transition from a foundation to a private company is the result of careful consideration and extensive planning by HUB’s leadership team. This transition is driven by the desire to streamline the efficiency of the Company´s operations, enhance organizational agility, and enable further growth to accommodate increasing demand for Organoid Technology applications to drug discovery and development.

As a private company, HUB will have more flexibility in its decision-making processes, enabling it to respond swiftly to market demands, customer needs, and emerging industry trends. This transition reflects HUB’s strategic planning to pursue innovation, explore new partnerships, and accelerate growth initiatives that will enhance HUB´s existing service offering and organoid collection.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter in HUB’s journey,” said Robert Vries, CEO of HUB. “Becoming a private company will enable us to unlock our full potential and shape our future with greater autonomy and speed. We firmly believe that this transition will provide us with the necessary tools and resources to deliver even more value to our customers and partners.”

“Throughout this transition, HUB remains committed to maintaining the same exceptional quality and standards that have earned us a reputation as the global leader in Organoid Technology” said Bahar Ramezanpour, CBO of HUB. “Our mission to deliver innovative organoid solutions that bring every patient in the lab for the development of more effective therapeutics will continue to guide our operations and drive our customers´ success.”

HUB’s existing partnerships, collaborations and agreements will remain in full force and effect, and customers and stakeholders can expect the same level of dedication and service they have come to rely on from HUB. The existing organoid biobank remains under the control of the original Hubrecht Organoid Biobank Foundation. HUB is confident that this transition will enhance its core business to deliver exceptional value and positive outcomes to its clients and partners.

About HUB

HUB Organoids (HUB) is the global leader in the field of adult stem cell-derived organoids. HUB Organoid Technology represents a paradigm shift for drug discovery and development, preclinical patient stratification, predictive diagnostics, personalized medicine, clinical trials, regenerative medicine, and companion diagnostics. HUB offers licenses to its proprietary technology and provides services using its living organoid biobanks.

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Federica Parisi, Marketing Director

HUB Organoids