Innovate with us: novel disease models

With our mission to increase the global accessibility of adult stem cell-derived organoids, we highly support research collaborations catered to the development of novel disease models in therapeutic areas of high unmet need. Work with us to use our state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise to develop new clinically relevant models of your interest.

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Relevant read-outs to unravel the biology of human disease

At HUB Organoids, we are constantly assessing and advancing innovative techniques to serve the dynamic needs of preclinical and translational studies. We work with biologically rich data derived from our long-standing experience to provide you with relevant assays uncovering the underpinning of disease biology and providing relevant read-outs. Discover how to:


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As the global leaders of adult-stem cell-derived organoid technology, we consistently strive to innovate assays that deliver richer insights into existing and novel organoid disease models. Leverage our years of expertise to develop assays that fit your research and therapy development plans.

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