Clinical Trials in a Dish (CTiD)

HUB Organoids can support clinical trials in “co-clinical” applications whereby organoids are developed from patient biopsies while they are enrolled in a clinical trial (Phase I to III). In this settings HUB Organoids are treated similarly to patients in the clinic to:

  • prospectively identify responders and non-responders in subsequent trials or after market entry
  • investigate the mechanism of response or lack of response in patients

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Personalized medicine

The development of next-generation sequencing has contributed to shifting the focus from a “drug-centric” to a “patient-centric” view of therapeutic development whereby each patient is treated with a personalised approach, tailored to the molecular pathology of their disease. HUB Organoid Technology is contributing to making personalized medicine a reality for an increasing number of patients by faithfully recapitulating patient disease in vitro with organoid models that can be established directly from patient tissue and propagated for drug testing in a matter of weeks.

HUB Organoids have already been used as predictive diagnostic tools in cystic fibrosis where patient have been successfully treated based upon pharmacology data from corresponding organoid models.


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