PDO Screen – Colorectal cancer

A fast, clinically relevant, and cost-effective platform for CRC

We have specially designed this preset colorectal cancer organoid panel to meet the growing demands for a cost-effective and clinically-relevant solution for drug screening and development.

Leverage our extensive body of knowledge in intestinal biology and superior models to translate your preclinical data to the clinic.

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Clinical trials in a dish (CTiD)

A co-clinical drug testing platform to accurately stratify and customize treatment for patients

HUB Organoids can be developed from patients currently enrolled in clinical trials and dosed in parallel to the patient population with identical protocols to rapidly:

  • stratify patients based on their genetic and molecular signature
  • identify mechanisms responsible for tumor resistance
  • evaluate the effectiveness of drug combinations to overcome resistance

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First clinical candidate developed using HUB Organoids makes it to the clinical trials within five years

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Accelerating oncology drug discovery using HUB Organoids

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Patient-derived organoids predict clinical response: a patient in the lab

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