Validate your immunotherapeutic with the pioneers of adult stem cell-derived organoid technology

Leverage the capabilities of our organoid-based drug screening platform and a wide range of established assays to access the efficacy, potency, and toxicity of your immunotherapy. We have successfully led the development of:

  • Bispecific antibodies
  • Engineered T cells
  • CAR-T cells
  • Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC)

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Be the architects of next-gen immuno-oncology landscape

We constantly strive to develop innovative organoid-based screening systems that can enable the discovery of novel therapeutic opportunities. We are currently optimizing our autologous tumor organoids and T cell co-cultures and extending our organoid co-culture system to other immune cell types such as macrophages, NK, or B cells.

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Applications to immuno-oncology drug development

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Autologous organoid and T cell co-cultures as a powerful personalized platform for immunotherapy development

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De-risk your immunotherapy drug development with HUB Organoids

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